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Healthy Living

NRL Fundamental Movement Skills Program

This is a PDHPE syllabus friendly three session program that places emphasis on fundamental movements such as locomotor skills, manipulative skills, spatial awareness and minor games.


Backyard League

Backyard League aims to introduce all students to Rugby League in a safe, non-competitive and fun environment. The program equips students and teachers with the tools to play all versions of our great game in any setting while delivering important education, health and welfare messages.


Beyond the Goalposts

The aim of the NRL Beyond the Goalposts Program is to provide a pathway for students to learn, using Rugby League as an engagement strategy.


Triathlon NSW

This partnership involves the promotion of healthy living through Triathlon and also the importance of sport in curbing mental health. This will involve a reciprocal Membership offer for Members of both organisations.


Touch Football Australia

This will involve the promotion of healthy living through the “Summer version of Rugby League” being touch football. This will also involve a range of initiatives aimed at increasing participation in both sports.