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Wests Tigers Community Impact & Identity

Today, rugby league goes beyond the football field. It surpasses traditional ball-in-hand engagements and dives into real-life situations to inspire and uplift individuals around us.

Wests Tigers Community was established in 2016, with the endeavour to drive positive community engagement within the Inner West and South West regions of Sydney respectively. Since the inception of the Wests Tigers Foundation in 2018, Community Engagement, along with Elite Development & supporting our Heritage, have been three key pillars the Foundation continues to drive. 

The goal of Wests Tigers Foundation is to contribute and sustain the influence of sport. It is combining the essence and empowerment of Rugby League, to ensure support is provided to athletes, youth and the community we serve.

Wests Tigers Foundation 

Over the past five years, Wests Tigers Community continues to grow and flourish, delivering several award-winning community programs and engagements across Sydney and New South Wales. By combining the mission of the Wests Tigers, ‘Enriching the lives of the Community’ together with club values of Excellence, Respect, and Teamwork, we strive to ensure Rugby League continues to contribute positively to the community.

In 2022, the key areas of focus for Wests Tigers Community include:

Youth Development: By recognising the challenges young people face, we aim to assist the next generation to strive towards their full potential.

Grassroots: It’s where the dream begins! We continue to support and deliver several opportunities for our Junior League participants to engage with the Wests Tigers and strive towards living healthy and active lives.

Indigenous Engagement: Wests Tigers are committed to reconciliation and recognising the First Nations of Australia.

Inclusion & Diversity: Wests Tigers pride itself on using the Game of Rugby League as a vehicle to inspire hope and positive change within the community. Inclusion & Diversity is re-introducing Rugby League to our community.

Wests Tigers players understand the unique position they are in. Each season, our players donate hundreds of hours towards community programs, fundraising initiatives, charity partnerships, and experiences.

The following community initiatives will be continued in 2022:

  • Wests Tigers Unite Harmony Social & Wellbeing program
  • Wests Tigers Careers Seminars
  • Autism Friendly Room
  • Varying Abilities participation program

Come on the journey with us and support our community by donating to the Wests Tigers Community projects today!

Rugby league is a tribal sport. This is no truer than at the Wests Tigers. Like all successful tribes, we honour our elders (past players and supporters), respect the community and environment in which we live, and we strive for success. My family and I love our tribe. That is why we are pleased to support the Wests Tigers Foundation.

Gary Barnier Foundation 13