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Membership and Rolling Renewal

What is a Rolling Renewal?

The ‘Rolling Renewal’ (automatic rollover) option is designed to remove the hassle from renewing your membership and allows you to have your membership automatically rolled over each season. You can choose whether to pay via equal monthly payments or one annual payment. Both options rollover each season, however you are provided with a window to upgrade, change or opt-out of your Membership prior to the renewal period. Upon purchase all Members are automatically opted into our ‘Rolling Renewal’ program as per our Terms and Conditions.

How do I opt-out of the ‘Rolling Renewal’ Program?

All 2019 Members will be given the opportunity to opt-out of the ‘Rolling Renewal’ program between the dates of the 22nd of August 2019 – 5th September 2019. To opt-out you must complete the opt-out form. All requests received following this period will rolled over and your 2020 membership will not be refunded.

2019 Members will receive communications via email and SMS notifying them of the 2020 Membership opt-out period.

The rollover will take place on the 18th of September 2019.

When do Wests Tigers 2020 Memberships go on sale?

Membership will go on sale for the 2020 season on September 19 at 9:00am AEST.

How do I renew my Membership?

Your 2019 Wests Tigers Membership can be renewed by either of the following options:

  • Automatic Renewal: By remaining opted into our Rolling Renewal Program you can ensure that your Membership renewal is processed for the 2020 season.
  • Online: By logging into your Membership account and follow the renewal prompts
  • Phone or Email: Request a call or contact our Membership team on (02) 8741 3300 or via during business hours — 9:00am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday.
  • In Person: You can renew your Membership at Wests Tigers HQ at Concord Oval during the business hours above or visit our Membership Marquee at any Wests Tigers Home Game.

How do I know if my Membership application has been successful?

If your Membership application has been successful you will receive two emails from Wests Tigers. The first email is a registration email which confirms you have created the account, this does not mean you are a 2020 Wests Tigers Member. The second email you receive is following payment and is a transaction summary email, if you receive this email your Membership has been successful.

How can I request a seat change if my 2019 Membership is automatically renewed?

All renewing Members who wish to change their seats are required to “lock in” their existing seats before the same seat cut off has concluded September 26, 2019, to ensure they do not lose their seats should their seating preference be unavailable.

All seating requests must be emailed to our Membership Team via

Seating requests will not be accepted over the phone.

All seating requests made following the renewal deadline will be granted on a first come first-served basis. You will be charged the pricing difference at the time if applicable.

How can I become a Member for the first time?

The easiest way to become a Member is by joining online. Alternatively, you can follow the options listed in question four (excluding the Rolling Renewal Program).

What is the Service and Handling Fee?

A service and handling fee of $4.75 applies to all Membership transactions.

Part Payment Plans — Debit Success

How does Debit Success work?

The use of Debit Success allows for the payment of your Membership to be split into equal monthly instalments at the time of purchase.

All members who chose to pay by instalment must have their memberships paid in full by Friday, June 19, 2020.

Are there any additional fees for using Debit Success?

Debit Success will add a 3.09% administration fee to each instalment. New and Renewing Members (not included in the Rolling Renewal Program) will be charged a one off $5 account set-up Members (not included in the Rolling Renewal Program) will be charged a one off $5 account set-up fee. Members should be aware that additional fees apply for missed payments and debt collection.

Please click here for full Terms and Conditions of the Debit Success Program.

What happens if I miss a payment?

If you miss a payment with Debit Success, they will call you to advise of the failed payment. Failure to pay will result in all membership benefits and game access being revoked. To pay missing payments please call Debit Success on 1800 148 848. Debit Success may charge a late fee for consecutive late payments.

Which payment methods can I use to pay instalments?

You can choose to use a credit/credit debit card or have payments direct debited from a BSB and Account Number.

When do my payments come out?

The first instalment will come out on the day of the Membership purchase. All monthly instalments will be debited from your nominated account on the 19th of each month. Please note if this date falls on the weekend the payment will occur on the next business date.

How can I contact Debit Success?

You can contact Debit Success by calling 1800 148 848 or email

Membership Packs

How long does it take to receive my Membership card and pack?

It generally takes 30 days from purchase date for you to receive your Membership pack. Our Membership orders are completed on a weekly basis. Once your membership has been dispatched from our supplier you will receive a dispatch email which includes a PDF version of your Membership card.

Please note that if you are included in our Rolling Renewal Program, you will receive your Membership package in early November.

How can I ensure I get my Membership Pack before Christmas?

All Memberships that are purchased before Wednesday, November 13 will have a pre-Christmas delivery guarantee. Please ensure your postal details are correct at the time of purchase to ensure delivery.

Why is a Merchandise Voucher included as part of the Adult Core pack?

The $30.00 merchandise voucher has been included as part of our Adult core pack to give our Members the flexibility to purchase items from our Wests Tigers Roarstore that are not included in the Membership pack.

How do I redeem my Merchandise Voucher?

You will be able to redeem your merchandise voucher by presenting the physical voucher at Wests Tigers HQ Concord Oval or at Wests Tigers home matches and selected away matches. You can also redeem this voucher online by entering the voucher code via

Please note the merchandise voucher has a minimum spend of $60.00. This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with the 10% merchandise discount code.

Match Day

How do I access a home game or redeem Members discounts if I have not received my Membership Card?

If you have not received your Membership card prior to our next home game, you will still have access to the match and will not need to purchase a ticket. Please use your PDF version of your Membership card in the interim to have game access. If you have not received this PDF, please email our Membership Team prior to game day. To receive 10% off merchandise please present your PDF Membership card at merchandise outlets. You can only redeem your $30 merchandise voucher once your pack has been received.

Am I able to purchase discounted tickets for Wests Tigers home matches?

All 2020 Wests Tigers Members will receive 10% off Wests Tigers home matches when pre-purchasing from Ticketek. Members will be emailed ticket codes prior to the season commencing. This offer is not valid on the day of the game.

What if I forget my Membership Card on game day?

If you forget your Membership card on game day you will be able to enter the game using the PDF version of your Membership card. You can locate this email by searching ‘Your Membership is on its way’. If you cannot locate this email, please see our membership team at our Membership Marquee located at the main gates of each of our home venues.

Other Questions

How do I stay up to date with important Wests Tigers information and news?

All 2020 Wests Tigers Members will be kept up to date and informed with current club news and events via email or through Wests Tigers channels:

  • Email: 2020 Members will receive team news and updates via the weekly Wests Tigers Newsletter during the NRL season. To avoid missing out on exclusive offers and breaking news, please ensure your email address is up to date. Weekly emails are sent via — please save this email to your contacts to avoid missing out. Please note this is generic email address and does not accept replies.
  • Website: Wests Tigers official website is utilised as our primary source of communication for Members. Be sure to visit for all breaking news as well as key match day information.

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What classifies as a child, concession or family?

  • Child: Aged between five to 12 years of age at the date of purchase.
  • Concession: A holder of a Department of Social Services, Pensioner Concession or current full-time Student Card. Wests Tigers retains the authority to request proof identity and eligibility at any point.
  • Family: A Family is comprised of two Adults and 2-4 juniors aged between five to 12 years old at date of purchase.

Is my Membership Card transferable?

Membership cards are transferable, if they are transferred to a person of equal or lesser status. i.e. an adult cannot gain entry from a junior or concession Membership. Wests Tigers does not take responsibility for any lost Membership cards and will not issue a replacement.

What happens if I lose my Membership Card?

If you lose your Membership card it will need to be cancelled and re-issued. Please notify our Membership Team as soon as possible to ensure your Membership card is not used. A $25.00 replacement card fee will be charged prior to distribution. The replacement card will take 14 days to arrive (based on non-peak times).

How do I update my contact and payment details?

It is very important that you advise the Membership Team should your address, email, phone or payment details change. The easiest way to update your contact details is by logging into your Membership Account.

Changes can also be made by contacting our Membership team via or on (02) 8741 3300.

How do I request a seating change?

All seating requests must be done prior to the rolling renewal period or at the time of purchase. All seating requests must be emailed to our Membership Team via — requests will not be accepted over the phone.