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Brand Meaningfulness Matters

As we move forward with the 2020 year, consumers will certainly become more and more discerning with their spending.

This Wests Tigers Connect event allows brands to communicate together about how best influence their customers and have an increased role in their life at a time when purpose, authenticity and storytelling and more important than ever.

This is your opportunity to hear from industry-leading professionals and join the conversation on creating a brand that matters.

Today, people don’t just want to buy something — they want to buy into something. Now more than ever, they will seek brands that deliver both great value and great values.

Gayle While Deputy CEO, Clemenger BBDO

This key event will cover topics like:

  • Understanding what matters to your audience
  • Knowing the types of benefits that your brand delivers
  • Defining the role you want to play in people's personal/collective wellbeing
  • How consumer behaviour has changed during COVID-19
  • Maximising opportunities in the digital world
  • Activating through the right mix of touch points, content and experiences

Keynote Speakers:

  • Campbell Davies, GM Sports and Member Services ARL
  • Kayla Ramiscal, Associate Director Sports at Neilson
  • Martin Lopez, General Manager MSR Services Australia

Official invitations and including our panel of guest speakers will be sent next week.

Brand Meaningfulness Matters Event

This is not an event to be missed so make sure you register for the Wests Tigers Connect "Brand Meaningfulness Matters" event today.