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Western Suburbs recorded a win and a loss over the weekend, with the Sydney Shield side going down to Peninsula while the Ron Massey Cup team won against Kingsgrove.


Peninsula were pushed all the way before eventually prevailing 38-20 over a plucky Western Suburbs side which was better than the final score suggested.

With four Wests Tigers in their ranks, including the competition's leading try scorer in Jai Doolan, Wests acquitted themselves strongly.

Peninsula hadn’t touched the ball before Wests scored first points, a penalty giving the home side a repeat set which allowed Blake Cavallaro to kick wide with Jarden Sajnovic touching down.

Wests added to their early advantage in the tenth minute, Jai Doolan scooting from dummy half on the last and kicking for himself and his 18th try of the season before Peninsula scored back to back tries, Jack Pearce restoring Wests’ lead 15 minutes before the interval after Peninsula gave up an unnecessary penalty.

Wests took ten minutes to open second half proceedings, Apaola Tea Lama reaching out to nab his first of the season after Peninsula gave up a repeat set before Peninsula kicked clear in the last ten minutes, completing a 38-20 score line which suggested a far greater difference between the teams than was the case.

PENINSULA 38 (Barry McGrady 2, Luke Martin, Jerrod See, Santana Palmer, Richie Goodwin, John Grimes tries; Luke Martin 5 from 7) defeated WESTERN SUBURBS 20 (Jarden Sajnovic, Jai Doolan, Jack Pearce, Apaola Tea Lama tries; Blake Cavallaro 2 from 4)

Penalties: Wests 5 Peninsula 3

Halftime: Wests 14 Peninsula 22



25         Damien Doan

2          Apaola Tea Lama

19         Jesse Jackson

18         Jack Pearce

14         Niall Walker

6          Blake Cavallaro

7          Hosea Leuea

23         Heheako Tuima

1          Jai Doolan

8          Alatanu Wright

15         Jarden Sajnovic

9          Kelsey Coakes

11         Royce Tout

16         Senio Toa

22         Hayden Williams

24         Ryan Cane

4          Phil Brombal



1          Jack Johns

2          Richie Goodwin

3          Barry McGrady

11         Jerrod See

14         Matt Kelly

6          Luke Martin

13         John Grimes

17         Izaiah Phillips

9          Jake Gearin

10         Ryan Wheeler

8          Josh Hall

12         Santana Palmer

18         Chris Williams

16         David Ryan

19         Damien Lawler

20         Mitch Lench

21         Jared Palmer



Wests returned to the winner’s circle after a fortnight’s rest with a commanding 64-8 win over Kingsgrove.

Wests needed just two minutes to open the scoring, Shannon Gallant scything through a hole created by a neat decoy runner, before Inno Inosesio registered Wests’ second try in the 18thminute by strolling through some flimsy Colts goal line defense.

Inosesio had his second a minute later, but this time required a perfect ball from Jay Bonnell to spot a hole in the Colts line, Tala Mapesone muscling his way in after a long floater from Brendan Waters found its mark in the 25th minute.

Wests’ fifth came via a dropout with Tom Capper on the end of an early left shift from the repeat set, their next via a mistimed last tackle options which saw Shannon Gallant’s grubber toed through and regathered by Dayne Craig.

Shannon Gallant’s second also came from a misplayed last tackle options as the Colts’ efforts in knocking the ball down came to nought, the Colts getting one back to end the first half scoring with Wests ahead 38-4.

Wests opened the second half scoring in simple fashion, Brendan Waters giving David Harris a saloon passage with a short ball close to the line, John Tohi going in from the restart after an early right shift from the black and whites.

Wests were toying with the Colts defense to begin the second half, and it was a perfectly timed short ball which put Tom Grealy over for the half century, David Harris getting his second off a Tom Morrison offload in the 64th minute.

Kingsgrove nabbed a second try in the 72nd minute, Hala Masila seeing out the scoring after capitalising off a Tala Mapesone break to leave the final margin at 56 points.

WESTERN SUBURBS 64 (Inno Inosesio 2, Shannon Gallant 2, David Harris 2, Tala Mapesone, Tom Capper, Dayne Craig, John Tohi, Tom Grealy, Hala Masila tries; Shannon Gallant 8 from 12) defeated KINGSGROVE 8 (Ofa Felila, Mark Ataya tries; Daniel Arahu 0 from 2)


Penalties: Wests 3 Kingsgrove 5

Halftime: Wests 38 Kingsgrove 4



1          Shannon Gallant

2          John Tohi

12         Josh Davis

5          Tala Mapesone

19         Tom Capper

6          Jay Bonnell

7          Brendan Waters

22         Hala Masila

9          Dayne Craig

10         Jim Laulilii

11         David Harris

3          Inno Inosesio

15         Daniel Rakvin

4          Tom Morrison

14         Luke Williams

17         Kurt Atkinson

21         Tom Grealy



5          Anthony Raheb

2          Jordan Chong Sun

1          Bradley Mullins

22         Ofa Felila

17         Stefano Totidis

6          Liam Christensen

7          Ben Marschke

10         Peniamina Vaituutuu

23         Gerald Reyes

18         Lashuan Poulivaati

12         Zac Cqrdassilaris

4          Mark Ataya

13         Tristan Alvarado

9          Abed Nasser

14         Ryan Monaghan

15         Awishkar Gnyawali

16         Daniel Arahu