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Justin Pascoe joins the Front Office Podcast

Wests Tigers CEO Justin Pascoe joined the Front Office Podcast Team to speak about Centre of Excellence, Wests Tigers Foundation and COVID impacts on crowds and Members.

Pascoe explained the decision behind the Centre of Excellence and how creating an elite facility will also positively impact the surrounding community.

“This has been a process that’s been underway for five years," Pascoe said.

"You can appreciate the amount of effort — it took a whole raft of different people and stakeholders to get to this point.

“We’re currently sitting in a temporary facility at Cintra Park which is on the eastern side of the eastern stand of Concord – we’re in there for 18 months. Both the eastern and western grandstand at Concord have been completely demolished and we’re in the process now of finalising the tenure with Canada Bay Council that will go to them for approval in September with the expectation that will be signed off and a build will start sometime in October.

“The expectation is for it to be finished December 2021 with a slight contingency of about a month. It will be the first of its kind along the eastern seaboard in regard to a true community Centre of Excellence and we’re really proud of that.

“First and foremost, what we tr to do at this club is enrich the lives of our community," Pascoe said. "Having this facility will not only allow all the people around the immediate and surrounding areas to come in and engage with a first-class facility.

“When you’re talking about building a Centre of Excellence and what that means for our club, it means legacy. It shows Wests Tigers moving forward.

"It’s not going to define how we behave or if we win or lose on the park and we acknowledge that.

"Really importantly, it will set us apart from our competitors; it’ll give us the legacy we have been striving to achieve for a five-year period and represent the professional and elite organisation we are."