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Members of the Month: April

With the club celebrating its annual Members Appreciation Round this week, Wests Tigers would like to highlight a number of our valued Members who have been nominated for Member of the Month.

Wests Tigers value and appreciate all our valued Members and the contribution they bring to the club.

Member of the Month Nominations 

Nomination 1: Elaine Richardson & Karen Griffiths

Nominated by Rachel Osborne

“This is a joint nomination for Elaine and Karen — mostly because they do everything together! Elaine and Kazzi are dedicated Wests Tigers supporters who attend all home and away games. They also go the extra mile and try to participate in any additional functions or events that the club might be conducting. Kazzi and Elaine have been respective Members for over 20 years and continue to hold the same seats their parents had for years before that.”

Nomination 2: Geoff Dooley

Nominated by Ally Artis

“My dad is at all Wests Tigers games — win or lose — we show up and cheer on the boys. We come from a generation of Tiger fans. With following the Tigers, you need resilience. Resilience to show up and not give up even in the hard times or the rough weather. In 2019 we made Magic Round our thing. Dad has been a Member for 11 years running. Last year with COVID-19 and restrictions and some personal health battles, he didn't get to as many games as usual. However a Member in the stand was purchased so he could still show his support of the West Tigers. He has shown me the importance of not giving up when life is hard. Much the same as the Tigers boys each week. They show up even when there is outside noise.”

Nomination 3: Christina McGrath

Nominated by Amy Absalom

“My Aunt, Christina McGrath is a die hard Wests Tigers fan. As a young girl, my Grandmother (her mother) used to take her to Leichhardt Oval with her siblings and she would be stuck with the task each and every time of getting an autograph for my Grandmother from Kerry Hemsley. My Father (her brother) instilled the same love for the mighty Tigers in me. Growing up my favourite player was Pat Richards and Wayne Pearce has been my hero for my entire life. I have a photo of myself and my sister with Wayne taken by my father — a day I so distinctively remember. Fast forward 20 years and in 2020 my Aunty took the exact same photo of her kids with Wayne! When my Father suddenly passed in August 2020, a few weeks after meeting his childhood hero, David Brooks. My Aunty helped me make orange ribbons for everyone to wear at his funeral service. She and her kids, along with most of our family wore Tigers merchandise to his funeral service. She helped me decide Eye of the Tiger for his entrance song. And three days after his passing, she helped me deal with the loss of my Father by taking me home... to a Wests Tigers game at Leichhardt Oval. The Wests Tigers aren't just a football team to my dear aunt. They are family. And they are home.”

Nomination 4: Nathan Hart

Nominated by Joanne Hart

“2020 was meant to be his gap year when he finished high school in 2019. He was shattered when COVID-19 hit as he had already booked tickets to all away games including New Zealand, Brisbane, Gold Coast and even the nines tournament in Perth. He managed to make the nines, but most games he didn't get to. He even broke his ankle on the way to a game at Bankwest Stadium. Yes, he watched the game and worried about his ankle later. He is hoping to redo his gap year in 2021 and already has purchased his membership and two new jerseys in anticipation.”

Nomination 5: Scott Drummond

Nominated by Jeffery Xerri

“Scott is as big a Wests Tigers fan that you will ever meet. He grew up in Tiger heartland in Lilyfield and went to Balmain Christian Brothers. The older he gets the more his blood is the same colour as our mighty jersey. I've never known a person so in love with there footy side like Scott. His daughters didn't have a chance and are also fanatical Wests Tigers fans. Scott has so many bits of merchandise hanging proudly around his home and has countless jerseys. He does his usual walk past the greatest ground in the world Leichhardt Oval early every year to get his heart pumping for the upcoming season. Hopefully the Mighty Tigers make the eight this year as Scott has me believe every season with his never say die attitude and love for this club. Hear is hoping 2021 gives us a year to remember”

Nomination 6: Sharee Butler

Nominated by Lisa Alexander

“My sister has been going to the games since the late 80s and early 90s. She is a dedicated supporter that travels to all the games (including the away games). The only ground she hasn't been to is over in New Zealand. She has been on that roller coaster ride with the boys through the good times, the bad times and the ugly times — always sticks by them through the thick and thin.”

Nomination 7: Peter Butcher

Nominated by Peter Butcher (grandson)

“Peter has been a Tiger supporter all his life. He is now living in the country and fighting cancer. While he is unable to get to games, because of his cancer and distance, he is still a strong supporter. He wears his team's colours all the time even in cricket season.”