Key Programs


Wests Tigers Careers Assembly

Executives from Wests Tigers speak with Years 10, 11 and 12 students about goal setting, career development, linking it back to their stories and mindset at that age. This is a powerful program that emphasises hard work and resilience.

Wests Tigers Teach Program

This three week program sees schools choose an age group and select from a range of topics including mental health, bullying, healthy living and goal setting among others. The first two weeks are classroom-based talks with the third a Rugby League clinic.

Wests Tigers Mentor Program

Wests Tigers are taking applications for people who need, or would benefit from having, a mentor. Ten Wests Tigers representatives, including players and staff mentor in group and individual sessions, with guest speakers also taking part.

Hope Program

Wests Tigers assist with a program for youth identified by police as being at risk and educate them on goal setting, along with the Dream, Believe, Achieve program.

Wests Tigers Tackle Truancy – still in planning

Wests Tigers support a program at the worst school for truancy in Australia, Walgett High School. This program is designed to encourage children to stay in school and reduce truancy rates and includes both education and physical activity.

Roar and Read

Wests Tigers reading program held at Ashfield Library that involved players visiting the library and reading with children, along with teaching them how important reading is.

NRL Community Carnival

Delivered in conjunction with the NRL over three days, players see more than 35,000 students to speak about wellbeing and healthy living.



NRL School 2 Work

This mentor program is for indigenous students in our region in years 10-12 to help them graduate and get a career or further study with a success rate of 97%.

Wests Tigers Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

For the first time, Wests Tigers are developing a Reconciliation Action Plan to provide a framework for the organisation to realise their vision for reconciliation. This is a plan of action built on relationships, respect and opportunities, with the hope to create social change and economic opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

Indigenous Round

This year the Club will host an Indigenous Round game which will showcase indigenous talent and culture. This will also feature the first ever Wests Tigers Indigenous Jersey.



Wests Tigers Junior League Program

This involves the Wests Tigers NRL squad visiting junior clubs in their region at both training and game days. This also includes education the junior club representatives on coaching and administration.

Wests Tigers Holiday Clinics

Coaching clinics for kids during the school holidays featuring Wests Tigers players.

Regional Strategy

Wests Tigers have developed a comprehensive regional strategy which will include education, Rugby League development and Memberships to a regional area.

Wests Tigers Junior League Appreciation Rounds

In Rounds 2 and 11, Wests Tigers will have Junior League Appreciation Rounds which will give the junior participants a chance to participate in game day activities and celebrate the role junior league players.

Junior League Charity Rounds

The Junior League organisation will participate in special rounds through Wests Tigers’ charity partners, which will again strengthen the connection between Wests Tigers and the junior associations.



NRL Fundamental Movement Skills Program

This is a PDHPE syllabus friendly three session program that places emphasis on fundamental movements such as locomotor skills, manipulative skills, spatial awareness and minor games.

Backyard League

Backyard League aims to introduce all students to Rugby League in a safe, non-competitive and fun environment. The program equips students and teachers with the tools to play all versions of our great game in any setting while delivering important education, health and welfare messages.

Beyond the Goalposts

The aim of the NRL Beyond the Goalposts Program is to provide a pathway for students to learn, using Rugby League as an engagement strategy.

Triathlon NSW

This partnership involves the promotion of healthy living through Triathlon and also the importance of sport in curbing mental health. This will involve a reciprocal Membership offer for Members of both organisations.

Touch Football Australia

This will involve the promotion of healthy living through the “Summer version of Rugby League” being touch football. This will also involve a range of initiatives aimed at increasing participation in both sports.



Women’s Events

Different events for women throughout the year including social and educational events as well as community events.

Women’s Clubs

Different women’s clubs including a movie club, fitness club and a running club that will participate in fun runs, all depending on interest.

Women’s Game Day areas

Allocated sponsored areas specifically for women at game days to improve their game day experience.