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DebitSuccess Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of the DebitSuccess direct debit request (DDR) service agreement (rolling monthly instalments only).

1. Initial Terms

DebitSuccess will debit your account for the amounts and frequency as agreed between the Wests Tigers on the DebitSuccess membership contract signed and accepted by you. The authority to debit will remain in effect for future season membership payments and the contract shall be viewed as a continuing authority to make deductions from the nominated account. In this event, the amount of any deductions beyond the initial term and applicable service fee will be advised to you in writing giving not less than 14 days’ notice of the new payment schedule.

2. Change of Terms

In the unlikely event that the initial terms are to change, they can only do so in accordance with your contract and we must give you at least 14 days’ notice of the changes including if applicable the new amount, new frequency and next debit date.

3. Deferring or stopping a payment

Should you wish to defer a payment to another date you must contact DebitSuccess before the date of that payment to request the deferment. Deferments are entirely at the discretion of DebitSuccess and will depend on the length of deferment, the current state of your account and your past history. You may request us to stop an individual payment however you will still be liable to make payments by another payment method or your account will become overdue. All 2020 membership accounts will need to be paid in full by the 19th of June 2020.

4. Altering the schedule

Should you wish to alter the payment frequency or day to debit, contact DebitSuccess and at our discretion in most instances we will be able to make the changes you require. There may be a fee charged for this service (details of any fees payable can be obtained by contacting DebitSuccess on 1800 148 848). Any changes made will not affect the total amount you would otherwise have paid over the minimum term of your contract.

5. Cancelling the payments

You can cancel this direct debit request authority by requesting this of DebitSuccess or your bank. Cancellation of the authority to debit your account will not terminate this contract or remove your liability to make the payments you have agreed to.

6. Disputes

If you dispute any debit payment, you must notify DebitSuccess immediately. DebitSuccess will respond to your dispute within 7 working days and will immediately refund the amount of the debit if we are not able to substantiate the reason for it. If you do not receive a satisfactory response from us to your dispute, contact your financial institution who will respond to you with an answer to your claim within 5 business days. If your claim is lodged within 12 months of the disputed drawing, or within 30 business days of your claim being lodged.

7. Non-working day

If the debit payment falls on a weekend or public holiday the debit will be initiated on the next working day.

8. Dishonoured payments

It is your responsibility to ensure that on the due date funds are available in your nominated account to meet the direct debit payment. Should your payment be dishonoured DebitSuccess will debit you an additional $10.00 with your next payment and if we have not received instructions from you, debit both the current due payment and the now overdue payment(s) will be debited on the same day. DebitSuccess may debit other fees and costs involved with debt collection in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract (refer to clause 9 Credit/Debit Reporting Agencies).

9. Enquiries

All enquiries should be directed to DebitSuccess and should be made at least 1 working day prior to the next scheduled debit date.

10. Members Other Responsibilities

In addition to those already mentioned, you are responsible for ensuring that your nominated account can accept direct debits and is not expired. If it is not, it is your responsibility to provide DebitSuccess with a new account number or expiration date.

The Wests Tigers may suspend or cancel your membership if on two consecutive occasions your payment is dishonoured by your financial institution. You will be notified via email if the club has suspended or cancelled your membership. The Wests Tigers will reinstate your membership when the outstanding payment(s) has been made.

Members with outstanding debt from previous seasons are not eligible to renew or purchase a membership for subsequent seasons until all outstanding debt has been paid.

The Wests Tigers may refer any outstanding balances at any point of the season to a debt collection agency for recovery of money that is owed. This may involve additional costs that you would be responsible for.


Please note: All information was correct at the time of publishing and is subject to change, this document was last updated on 19/08/19.